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Business Development & Marketing Services
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Star Business Services
Star Concept Project: The CN - Community (of) Nations & American Pacific World University
Star Affiliates & Partners:
Star Affiliates & Partners:
American Heritage College
Frontier Business Brokers
Global TV Live
HS Global - Firefly Collection
JC Flag Corporation
M3Live Event Center
PAS Construction
Pro Education Network
PublicBell Communications
Star Affiliated Non-Profits:
Star Affiliated Non-Profits:
Asian Pacific Scholarship Fund
Global Veterans For Peace
Homes4Vets Foundation
Latin Business Association
San Gabriel Valley Civic Alliance
The Shah Foundation
We Care for Humanity
Winds of Freedom
Star Web Client Sites:
Star Web Client Sites:
Anasazi Publishing
Daily Live Scan Notary Passport
Navy Seals - O.S.S. Maritime Unit
Sunday & Every Day Driving School
Z-Tech USA, Inc.
Star Resource Sites:
Star Resource Sites:
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VetNetLA - Veteran's Network
Star-Affiliated Events:
Star-Affiliated Events:
4th Annual G.O.D. Awards Gala Event - United Nations, New York, (Aug 2-4, 2017)
International Indian Film Awards - Los Angeles-Hollywood California, (Date-TBD)
World Top Model Competition - Los Angeles-Beverly Hills California, (Date-TBD)